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We are privileged to work with several key publishing communities.

Our strength is in our ability to understand the unique landscape of each of the publishing communities we serve. It’s critical not only to our success, but more importantly, to our customers’ success. Through our deep engagement with our markets, exceptional service and fast problem solving, we have gained the trust of hundreds of clients across Australia as well as from overseas, who have partnered with us as their exclusive print service provider. Many of these of these clients have continued to choose our services for well over two decades.


publishers entrust Spotpress as their exclusive print service provider.

Our clients include well established brands in the following sectors:

→ Commercial magazine publishing
→ Regional and national newspapers
→ Retailers
→ Advertising agencies
→ Printers
→ Associations, societies and clubs
→ Small business owners


Read further to find out how we serve each of these client categories.


Commercial magazine publishers

Despite an ongoing industry-wide transformation driven by digitisation, we have seen many of our commercial magazine publishers regaining a positive outlook, morphing into multi-media brands, of which the printed magazine is an important asset.

We foresee a future where thousands of commercial magazine titles continue to circulate within our communities offering a rewarding experience not found in other types of media. That is why we remain one of the few printing companies in Australia that continues to invest in the technologies and services to support this type of publisher.

We serve a wide range of commercial magazine publishers across sectors that include:

B2B such a trade publications
B2C titles including lifestyle, fashion, craft, travel
Ethnic community
City and regional
Real estate

Copies of the Financial Times newspaper sit waiting for delivery from a John Menzies Plc distribution center in London, U.K., on Friday, July 23, 2015. For Nikkei Inc., Japan's biggest financial news group, Thursday’s $1.3 billion deal to buy the Pearson Plc owned Financial Times capped a lengthy pursuit of the pink-hued newspaper. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Newspaper publishers

At Spotpress, we print 9 out of 10 of all independent newspapers of New South Wales and also have a very strong presence in Australia’s other eastern states.

We believe that the printed newspaper — despite the industry disruption caused by the internet — can remain a viable and profitable business for the astute newspaper publisher and as such, we continue to invest in the technologies and services to support this type of publisher.

Examples of the sectors of newspaper publishing we service include:

Regional and suburban
Ethnic community
Industry focused
Political parties
Religious communities


Retailers and their print buyers

Our retailer clients and their appointed agencies know that printed catalogues are more effective than their online counterparts in engaging with consumers value. They rely on the printed catalogue as their premier sales tool.

At Spotpress we recognise that the retail consumers decision to buy is still highly influenced by the tactile engagement that printed catalogues provide. We will continue to invest in the technologies and services to support retailers execute marketing plans anchored around printed catalogues that are vital components to increasing their business.

Examples of the retail sectors we service include:

Bulky goods
Furniture and homewares
Electronic goods
Industrial goods


Commercial Printers

We provide a cost-effective solution for commercial printers that wish to outsource to us all or part of the manufacturing process whilst they continue to maintain the relationship with their client. We act with discretion and do not contact the commercial printer’s clients directly.

The benefit to the commercial printer of such an arrangement is that they can increase their profitability through the inherent cost savings and fast turnaround times associated with commercial web offset printing.

A popular scenario is whereby a commercial printer outsources the printing of only the text section of a magazine whilst they keep in-house the printing of the cover pages as well as the binding and final delivery of the magazine.


Associations, clubs & societies

We provide design, manufacturing and distribution services to a wide range of associations, societies and clubs across Australia in areas such as charities, sports, hobbies and health.

We understand the factors that contribute to the unique environment of such publications. Quality, cost, schedule, and delivery are vital elements to the success of any publication that serves an association’s community or promotes a broader awareness to further the impact of a society’s cause.

That’s why we make it our mission to provide print and publishing services that streamline and automate workflows and deliver content to exacting standards.

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Small business owners

We provide print related services to small business owners that wish to showcase their products or market their business mainly through consumer or wholesale catalogues. From design to distribution, we provide an end-to-end service, giving the business owner the freedom to maintain focus on their core business.

Furthermore, we can create custom online ordering portals for the exclusive use of the client to allow for fast and efficient ordering.

Other sectors

Our services are not limited to the client categories mentioned above. If you would like to find out how we can help your business please contact us here.

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